ACBS Mission Statement

The mission of The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc. is to:

  • Bring together people with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats, sharing fellowship, information, experience and ideas.
  • Protect the heritage of boating by promoting first-the preservation, and second-the restoration of historic, antique and classic boats.
  •  Promote, further, and encourage a love and enjoyment of all aspects of historic, antique and classic boating.
  • Serve as a communication channel for our membership, the public, and any other entities regarding information relating to historic, antique and classic boating.  This includes serving as a clearing house and referral service for all information relating to historic, antique and classic boating.
  • Serve as a governing body and parent organization for such chapters as shall be formed and created under our auspices.  This includes providing support for and communicating with these chapters.
  • Inspire and support quality boat shows and related events among our chapters, to establish and maintain standards for classifying boats and conducting boat shows.
  • Educate our membership and the general public concerning safety and protocol as it relates to historic, antique and classic boating.

Thoughts on Sunnyland's Mission Statement

History- Somewhere in recent history, groups felt that it was necessary to proclaim and publish their core beliefs. These statements became known as Mission Statements. They appear everywhere - ranging from stone tablets to T-Shirts.

Guidelines-It seems to me that whatever we choose for a Mission Statement we should take the following into consideration:

  1. The message should be simple, straightforward and easily understood by all. There should be no chance for ambiguity. It should embody only our core philosophy.
  2. It should be easily reproduced. To aid this, it should be kept short.

My Experience with Mission Statements: After years of sitting in corporate lobbies and reading mission statements which took on virtually Biblical dimensions, I came up with the mission Statement for our companies:

Do it Right-Do it right Now! © This statement has been widely quoted, plagiarized and misquoted but it has served us well over the years.

Here are some possibilities for Sunnyland ACBS…..

  • To preserve and enjoy historic boating.
  • To preserve and enjoy historic boating through education and participation.
  • To enjoy and perpetuate our maritime heritage
  • To share and conserve our boating heritage
  • To perpetuate our love of boating by maintaining our past while educating our future.

If we want something more traditional, we could go for this for Sunnyland ACBS
“To display our love of small craft and all things nautical while embracing and celebrating diversity. We pledge to continue our work for as long as there is water in the seas and air in the skies. We will be ever mindful of the environment and do no harm to our planet or the creatures thereupon. We shall hammer, chisel, sand and finally varnish until our vessels shine and our engines roar and our hulls don’t leak. We have done so much with so little for so long that we can now do virtually anything with practically nothing.” – Bill Hancock, Immediate Past President,  Sunnyland ACBS – October 2013