Why Become A Member of Sunnyland?

The love of Antique & Classic Boats is just the beginning of the enjoyment that you will experience when you become a member of the ACBS-Sunnyland Chapter. Being in Florida we have year-round boating and general get-togethers that bring like-minded folks together who appreciate the beauty and style of antique boats. If you take part in these activities you will find that you will join up as friends.  As your family of friendships grow so does your quality of life.  Many folks who just started their retirement by moving to Florida did not know anybody until they went to one of our Boat Festivals in Tavares and saw the lovely antique boat displays, both in the water and on land.   They wandered by the vendor areas, and soon became fascinated by the hobby of it all and wanted to know more.  Sunnyland is the largest chapter of the ACBS (Antique & Classic Boat Society)   By becoming a member you can participate in these activities and if you want to, you can volunteer to help with many of our programs.  We aim to get younger people to carry on the tradition of maintaining these boats for future generations.  Supporting this idea we have a SCAMPY program (Sunnyland Chapter Apprentice Mentoring Program for Youth) where we have boys & girls build small boats with support from their parents and mentors from the chapter’s experts.  The chapter also publishes a quarterly award-winning magazine called the Sheerline, and we keep our members informed by email.  In addition to the above show we have a number of boating events during the year which include wine tasting along with picnic cruises, an enjoyable weekend in Homosassa and the Lake Mirror Car & Antique Boat Show in Lakeland, Florida.

We would love you to join us; we are a family of friends who love boats and enjoy the outdoors. We will also enjoy what you will bring to the chapter of your life’s experiences.  Our Application Form is on this website by clicking on the link below.

If you would like one of our attractive Sunnyland magnetically held name tags for $12.00 each, please send a separate check to Teddi made out to the Sunnyland Chapter.

To DOWNLOAD The Application Form – Click Here

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Teddi Myllymaki

Membership Chair